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Meloche’s garden doors are available in 2 panels or 3 panels wide. The steel door has a 24 gauge steel face on both sides, with a continuous wood perimeter made of a solid wood lock block and is foam filled. Meloche Windows & Doors uses engineered foam jambs to ensure stability and security. The Garden Door is available with clear, decorative glass or stylish grills. This door comes complete with hardware along with your choice of inside and outside colours.

Garden Door Features

Meloche’s garden doors use the strength and reliability of the steel doors while providing appealing window options that enhance the elegance of your home. Meloche Windows & Doors’ doors contain a 24G steel skin thickness, which meets the CAN/CGSB-82.5-M88 standard.

  • Options for decorative glass, mini blinds and grid patterns
  • Sliding screen provides ventilation
  • Finished vinyl door frame
  • Factory finished door panels
  • G‐40 Hot dipped galvanized steel
  • HCFC free polyurethane foam insulation
  • J‐Bend roll formed steel edge on stiles


  • Door frames and panels are maintenance free
  • Better protection, enhanced aesthetic, stronger resistance and durability, even with 22″ x 64″ triple glazed door glass
  • Long lasting resistance to rust
  • Provides higher thermal, dent and delamination resistance
  • In harmony with the environment: U value: 0.076 or R value: 13.1
  • Superior delamination resistance
  • Adds value by increasing stile protection and aesthetics

Colour Options

Meloche Windows & Doors offers the best in paint and finishes for your windows. Meloche provides a spectrum of colour possibilities with long lasting beauty. The heat reflective technology present in all paints and finishes provides outstanding protection against all weather conditions without peeling, flaking or cracking. Meloche Windows & Doors offers an endless array of colours and also colour matches any sample clients will provide. This option allows you, the client, the freedom to explore and coordinate all aspects of the exterior of your home.


22 Standard Colours.
*Colours not exactly as shown.

Glass Patterns

All Meloche doors are made with low-e glass. This allows for high energy efficiency and low electricity bills. Meloche Windows & Doors offers a variety of glass textures and styles that suit all preferences and needs. Whether you are looking for minimal privacy, maximum privacy or just a unique look, Meloche Windows & Doors has lots of options for you to choose from.

Grid Patterns

Grid Styles

Meloche Windows & Doors can accommodate most customer grid patterns using the following grid types.


Your door locks are not just functional, they also add to the finished style of your door. There are a number of styles, finishes and functions of door locks. Keep in mind your needs when deciding on a lock and handle. Meloche Windows & Doors is equipped with three of the top brand names in door hardware. Click on each PDF to find out what each brand offers and if it is right for you.