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The Bay window projects outward from your home, yet allows the beauty of nature to filter in. The enhanced view, along with your choice of a birch or an oak head and seat, provides a special area in which you can relax and enjoy. Meloche’s custom made Bay Windows consist of three windows joined together with a 30 or 45 degree angle. The center window is usually fixed and larger than the side windows, which can be either Casements or Double Hung to allow venting. Meloche Windows and Doors’ no-maintenance steel reinforced supports prevent the sagging normally associated with cable hanging methods.

Bay Window Features

  • Projects outwards from home allowing the beauty of nature to filter in.
  • Available in 30 and 45 degree.
  • Double glazed sealed units with Intercept spacer for optimum insulation value.
  • Low emissivity (Low E) glass that provides maximum energy efficiency.
  • Argon gas for optimum efficiency.
  • This window follows the projection of the wall, providing a head and seat feature in which to relax and enjoy the view.
  • Fabricated with hardwood trim.
  • Fusion welded frame corners and sash corners.
  • Birch hardwood accommodates paint finish.
  • Oak hardwood accommodates stain finish.
  • Installed in your home with steel reinforcements.


  • Interior – white or ivory only.
  • Painted exterior – view colour options.
  • Decorative grids that are sealed inside the insul unit – view grid options.
  • Various tinted and textured glass available.
  • Staining or painting available for trim, head, seat, and casings.

Colour Options

Meloche Windows & Doors offers the best in paint and finishes for your windows. Meloche provides a spectrum of colour possibilities with long lasting beauty. The heat reflective technology present in all paints and finishes provides outstanding protection against all weather conditions without peeling, flaking or cracking. Meloche Windows & Doors offers an endless array of colours and also colour matches any sample clients will provide. This option allows you, the client, the freedom to explore and coordinate all aspects of the exterior of your home.


22 Standard Colours.
*Colours not exactly as shown.


Meloche Windows & Doors can accommodate most customer grid patterns using the following grid types.

  • Rectangular 5/8", Available in white only.
  • Georgian 3/4", Available in all colours.
  • Rectangular 5/16", Available in pewter and brass colours only.
  • 1 3/4" divider, Available in all colours.
  • 1/4" Round Pencil Brass.

Standard & Custom Grid Patterns

Meloche Windows & Doors can accommodate most customer grid patterns using the following grid patterns provided.

Sungate 400® Low Emissivity (Low E) Glass

Emissivity is defined as a material’s ability to radiate energy. Low emissivity glass, or low-e coating, is designed with ultraviolet rays in mind. This coating is microscopically thin and transparent. This coating is designed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through the glass while not compromising the amount of visible light to pass through. This low-e coating reflects heat back into the house (in the winter) and back into the outside world (in the summer). This low-e coating does not allow the glass to radiate energy from the heat.

Benefits of low e glass include:
  • High energy efficiency
  • A reduction of condensation
  • A reduction on interior furnishing fading (carpets, drapes and furniture)
  • Savings that are noticeable on your monthly electricity bill

Intercept Spacer®

Intercept® spacers are developed by PPG to maximize energy efficiency in windows. Intercept® is a patented and unique, one-piece, stainless steel spacer feature on windows. These "warm edge" spacers come in a "U" shape and are flexible, moving with the expansion and contraction that comes with heating and cooling. This means that there is no effect on the window seal during heating and cooling, virtually eliminating seal failures. This results in an effective thermal barrier. These spacers also have the best argon retention.

Benefits of Intercept® spacers include:
  • The highest energy efficiency
  • Longevity of your window's life
  • The most durable seal that provides the highest reduction in condensation
  • Savings that are noticeable on your monthly electricity bill

Argon Gas

It is now a regulation that all residential homes must have windows equipped with argon gas. Argon is a harmless, naturally occurring gas with no colour or odour. It is denser than Oxygen, therefore causing noise and heat to take longer to pass through it. Meloche windows use argon gas between the double panes of glass to create a buffer for sound and temperature.

Benefits of Argon Glass include:
  • An increase in soundproofing ability
  • It offers better insulation therefore minimizing heating and cooling exchange through the window
  • It is not corrosive to window material

Multi-Chamber Vinyl Design

A multi-chamber design is a sign of quality and efficiency. The many vinyl interior walls add to the strength and surface of the weld. These individual sealed chambers also add to the thermal resistance of the frame itself. They help to reduce condensation and restrict noise.

Multi-Layer Weather Stripping

All of Meloche’s windows are designed with multiple weather-stripping locations, resulting in an excellent defense against air and water.