Pay It Forward

ClockMay 18, 2013

Can you imagine coming home from vacation and finding your modest cottage completely rebuilt into a beautiful new two story home? This is exactly what happened to Pearl and Gene Reaume on Friday, September 14, 2007 and we at Pro-Fit Manufacturers are proud for our part in helping this deserving couple in our community.

The Reaume’s raised six children in their home and are well known throughout the community for giving back to their community by helping others in need. At Pro-Fit Manufacturers, we are proud of the contribution that we and other dedicated volunteers made to this modest and humble couple by providing their modest home which had mold issues and other significant problems. Today, the Reaumes are the proud owners of a brand new 1100 square foot home that is complete with Pro-Fit Manufacturers windows.

It isn’t often that we get to work on a project that is this rewarding and we were very proud to be able to support those in our community who do so much and ask for nothing in return. After months of planning we were honored to be a part of the Pay it Forward Committees plans for a dream home for the Reaumes.

Pro-Fit Manufacturers is a proud neighbor and we believe that as part of our responsibility to our community is participating in this type of a project. Goodwill that is built when companies’ band together to help someone in our community should be a vital part of who we are. We thank the Pay it Forward Committee for inviting us to be part of this exciting project and extend our best wishes to the Reaume family and our thanks to them for all they do for our community.


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