Workers installing windows
Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity has been in existence since 1976 and has been an organization present […]

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Heart outline on a window
Condensation – Questions & Answers for Homeowners

The facts about window condensation and what you, the homeowner, can do about it. The […]

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Consumers Guide
Consumers Guide to Buying Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

The Consumer’s Guide provides shopping tips on how to properly buy energy-efficient windows, doors and […]

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Photo of Showroom
Profiles of Distinction

Whether opening to a fresh new day or to welcome family, friends and guests, windows […]

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Group of smiling people
Profile Meloche Windows

The modern 30,000 square foot structure in LaSalle that houses the retail side of Meloche […]

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Mirror view of home
Windsor Life – Masterpieces From Meloche

Welcome to an exciting new concept, the Meloche Windows & Doors Galleria. Here you’ll find […]

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Picture of House Being Built
Pay It Forward

Can you imagine coming home from vacation and finding your modest cottage completely rebuilt into […]

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Picture of Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes: The Right Stuff

The two-story building tucked into the corner of a somewhat hidden industrial crescent just off […]

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The Drive Logo
The Woman In The Window

“It is recognition that is long overdue,” says Rod Mahler, Manager of Pro-Fit, the manufacturing […]

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Galleria Logo
Staying True to the Vision

“I’m truly honoured,” says Elise Clark, President of Meloche Windows Ltd., regarding her recent nomination […]

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